A brief writeup of @BlownlyFans, the biggest waste of time of my life so far

On Monday the sixth of April I made a brief joke about the website onlyfans. The done-to-death funny and original joke was basically “What if onlyfans lived up to its name and was solely dedicated to fans of the ‘air go speedy’ kind?” I then thought “You know what , I could make a twitter bot for this.”

And so began my four day journey into insanity, all in the name of a joke that isn’t actually funny.

So, the program begins by importing a whole load of stuff. I don’t know what is necessary and what isn’t anymore, but to be honest I don’t want to. Tweepy is the library I use to make requests to the twitter API, requests is used to get the URL of an image from the quant API time is used to wait for a bit, and PIL and IO are used to save images.

The code


Down below is doing all the basic stuff. I set the name of the image to egg.jpg for no reason other than I wanted the image to have the same name each time. Sometimes the image won’t convert to a jpeg, but if it doesn’t it’ll just break and try again.


The below bit of code just gets a random line from the program. I end up using this quite a few times for a couple different files, so it’s good to have as a function.


The actual tweeting code itself. It gets a random fan based word, like desk fan, smushes it into where the word “fan” would be, and then gets a random photo of that word. Sometimes this also tries to do attribution for a quote, so it chooses a random name. Usually this adds to the end of the quote, but i forgot to add a space after the hashtag so it gets added to that. The fact that it just straight up doesn’t work I think just makes it better


This bit of code took the longest to get working. I tried for ages trying to get bing and google’s APIs to work, and I eventually found this bit of code that worked. I can't actually find out how the API works, as there doesn’t seem to be any documentation for it, so I can’t change the code at all, for example to do more so this is what I’ve got.


This just saves an image given a URL, nothing exciting here I’m afraid.


“Do this. If it fails, keep trying until it doesn’t. When it doesn’t, wait for 30 minutes and do it again”


I have included a link to my code, the dictionaries and all that jazz here.

The results

So far, some of the results have been funny.

My personal favourites are:



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