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A brief writeup of @BlownlyFans, the biggest waste of time of my life so far

On Monday the sixth of April I made a brief joke about the website onlyfans. The done-to-death funny and original joke was basically “What if onlyfans lived up to its name and was solely dedicated to fans of the ‘air go speedy’ kind?” I then thought “You know what , I could make a twitter bot for this.” And so began my four day journey into insanity, all in the name of a joke that isn’t actually funny. So, the program begins by importing a whole load of stuff. I don’t know what is necessary and what isn’t anymore, but to be honest I don’t want to. Tweepy is the library I use to make requests to the twitter API, requests is used to get the URL of an image from the quant API time is used to wait for a bit, and PIL and IO are used to save images. The code Down below is doing all the basic stuff. I set the name of the image to egg.jpg for no reason other than I wanted the image to have the same name each time. Sometimes the image won’t convert to a jpeg, but if it doesn’t it’ll

Writing malware in scratch

Is is possible to create malware in scratch? Let’s face it, probably not, but that won’t stop me from trying. There is one programming language that rises above all others. While almost all programming languages require libraries, the ability to type and a basic understanding of syntax, not so for scratch, the free and block based programming language from MIT. It is designed to offer young children a taste of basic programming, but without a lot of the difficulties of a programming language where you have to write things, and with the ability to get a some basic visual output very quickly. This isn’t, however, to say that programs written in scratch are always basic – in fact, quite the opposite. Some people have created incredible things in scratch. If you can create raycasted first-person shooter with online multiplayer then you can create pretty much everything – and that should include malware. After all, scratch does run on JavaScript, and you can compile a scratch progra